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Hutson Family Adoption

Adoptions are the best. They’re dramatic, beautiful, emotional, terrible, and joyous all at the same time. What is bitter-sweet for one family is for another the culmination of a 2 year period of building anxiety and joy. I love meeting adopting parents because I can relate so closely with them. I plan to adopt as soon as I’m able – God willing not too much later. And I know I’d be terrified if I were to pick one of these little strangers up and try to raise them. And adopting parents are pretty much exactly the same. They’re typically uncertain, anxious, fidgety, and drowsy from a few sleepless nights. But more than fearful, they’re tremendously brave. As is said, courage is only shown through fear, and adoptions need a healthy dose of both. And most of all, adopting parents are loving. Love created the world and keeps it roughshod crafted together through countless tiny steps of courage.

Sorry to get a bit emotional. But it’s because I’ll be ending my 4 year stay here in Korea soon. I am set to return to the states in early December and one of point of great sadness is that I will no longer have the opportunity to document these adoptions. I have two more shoots scheduled, so with that I’ll end my photography career here in Korea and am looking forward to some exciting new prospects and projects in my hometown of San Diego. Stay tuned for a few more emotional posts and then some very happy ones of sunny San Diegan beaches.

For now, here’s my latest adoption set with the gorgeous Hutson Family. Their kid is a handful. I actually haven’t heard from them in a few weeks, so I hope they’ve survived. 🙂