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Lee Brady Family – Los Angeles Family Photographer

Owen is growing up! If this family looks familiar it’s because I shot them back in June. I love that I still haveView full post »

LeeBrady Family Outing – Los Angeles Family Photographer

Jeez. I love this set. This is my second time meeting this brilliant trio. And it’s my first time meeting anView full post »

Reich Family – Seoul Family Photographer

Last month I had the good fortune to meet the Reich Family in Korea and revisit one of my favorite palaces. AfterView full post »

Hutson Family Adoption

Adoptions are the best. They’re dramatic, beautiful, emotional, terrible, and joyous all at the same time. What isView full post »

Edwards Family Adoption – Seoul Family Photographer

This was one of the funnest and most emotional adoption sessions I’ve had the pleasure of documenting.View full post »

Phillips Family Adoption

I finally got to go back to Holt last week for the first time in about 7 months or so. I’ve missed it. I also gotView full post »

Shuffler Family Shoot

Adoptions are the best. It’s amazing how much parents can love their kids after just knowing them for a few daysView full post »

Marthaler Family Adoption

Loved loved loved this shoot. I always love adoption shoots, but not all of them are equally fun. There’s nothingView full post »

Lafler Family Adoption

The twins!! The twins are absolutely adorable. The adoption started out with the twins eating their lunch, and thenView full post »

Connell-Creeden Adoption

So much fun at this adoption. This little guy was just amazing. So happy, energetic, and playful. I’ve heard thatView full post »

Jones Family Adoption

I had a lot of fun with this one.  The Jones were such a wonderful family. I think having already successfully raisedView full post »

Mahoney Family Adoption

Reid Jun-Su Matthias had some amazing body movement abilities for being under 2 years old. At one point during theView full post »

Kratt Family Adoption and Family Shoot

Amy was one of the first mothers to contact me for an adoption shoot. (Most adopting families give me about 2 weeksView full post »

Curley Family Shoot at Changdeokgung Palace

Some shoots just shoot themselves. What a joy. Seriously. Gabriel was the happiest and cutest little baby you could everView full post »

Cullinan Family Adoption and Family Shoot | Changgyeonggung Palace

The Cullinan’s were a super fun group. They even brought along Cayce’s parents for the family shoot whichView full post »

Sauter Family | Adoption

Adelyn Hope is a very sweet and quiet child.. who… loves milk. hahaha. She would NOT let go of that milk box andView full post »

Gibbs Family Adoption

I was on my way to the Holt office the morning that Suzanne emailed me. Would I like to shoot you right between my twoView full post »

Mealer Family Adoption

Much much much congratulations to the Mealers and their their beautiful new daughter Abigail. Abigail was incrediblyView full post »

Perez Family Adoption

When I first saw Kennen and his adorable outfit I imagined him saying, in a British accent, “Well, aren’t IView full post »

DiMaggio Family Geongbokgung

I really had a lot of fun with the DiMaggios. Their kid Jaspar was a ball of energy with a beautiful smile. If youView full post »

Kai | Adoption

I have 5000 photos in my “To Edit” folder so I’m going to keep these next blog posts brief. I hadView full post »

Eli | Adoption

“He is a gangster.” Just before meeting Eli, our social worker DJ looked me straight in the eye, and with aView full post »

Levi’s Adoption!

First of all, I think Levi is a badass name. The Levites were the most badass, uncompromising tribe of Israel, and JesusView full post »

Jae Hong Adoption!!

Jae Hong is a crazy ball of energy. His hair represents him well. I think it probably falls down overnight and by 10amView full post »